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Hi, welcome! My name is Tim Kostin. I’m glad to see you on my website. Here you can get your professionally hand drawn printable portrait or caricature. Performed in excellent line engraving style, simple and stylish artwork from experienced illustrator and stage designer. (Well… I’m not sure, that it’s necessary, to say all this things about oneself…). Anyway. I’m really glad you’re here. And if you want to book a portrait or a caricature, it will be a great pleasure for me to draw it. 

I draw the portraits completely by hand, basing my work on my artistic skills and experience, and on inspiration (as every artist must do) and using as a tool the professional electronic pen/brush and the professional graphic tablet Wacom. I don’t use any computer effects. The only difference from any other work on paper is that this drawing, thought being hand drawn, results immediately in an electronic portrait (that you can print or send to somebody or publish on the web, if you want).

 How it works:

1) Send 1 or 2 (or 3) pictures of yourself (or of the person you want to be portrayed) to timkostin@gmail.com

2) Inform me if you want to see special features in your portrait or caricature.

3) When you get my answer confirming our agreement, you can pay the fee. To make a payment transaction you can: A. Via PayPal. I will send to your email a Paypal secure form by which you can pay. B. Via wire transfer on my bank account in BancoPosta, Italy.

4) After I’ve got the confirmation of your payment, the portrait will be ready in 3 days max, the caricature in 4 days max. (I understand that you don’t know me and may not trust me, but I assure you, I’ll give my best)

5) As soon as your portrait, caricature or avatar is ready, I will send it to your email address.

What you get:
A high quality, performed in excellent line engraving style, professionally hand drawn digital portrait or caricature (PDF, A3, 600 dpi, ready for the best quality print )















Here you can find some more samples


The prices are here 




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